Tap into a US 1 trillion-dollar pipeline of infrastructure projects

Saudi Arabia has announced a trillion-dollar pipeline of infrastructure projects aimed at diversifying the economy beyond oil. The Kingdom aims to position itself as a global hub for investment and logistics in line with its Vision 2030. The development agenda has created opportunities in a range of new areas such as smart cities, tourism, and clean energy with giga projects strategically located across the Kingdom.

The Economic Cities Authority, on the other hand, has been set up to rekindle investor interest in older economic cities projects in the Kingdom which aim to address specific social challenges like the shortage of affordable housing and efficient transportation among others.

This transformation offers a wide range of opportunities and Saudi Infrastructure Expo brings together government bodies, procurement professionals, owners, architects, consultants, and developers involved in the multiple infrastructure and giga projects to meet local and international suppliers so they can source products that they need to change the outlook of the country.

Vision 2030

Saudi's Vision 2030 is a comprehensive strategic plan initiated under the guidance of King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud and led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. It aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a diversified and dynamic economy by leveraging the country's inherent strengths, such as its strategic location, investment capacity, and its central role in the Arab and Islamic worlds. The vision is built on the premise of maximizing potential, fostering economic growth, enhancing government efficiency, and improving the quality of life for Saudi citizens.


The giga and mega projects
revolutionizing Saudi Arabia

With an abundance of large-scale projects spanning across the nation’s diverse regions, you’re stepping into a market poised for significant expansion.


NEOM is a futuristic, planned cross-border city and economic zone in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, envisioned to be a hub for innovation, technology and sustainable living. With ambitious goals, NEOM aims to become a leading global center for various industries, including renewable energy, biotechnology and tourism.


Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project is a visionary tourism development along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, aiming to create a luxury destination featuring pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Designed to enhance sustainable tourism, the project seeks to balance environmental conservation with the creation of high-end resorts and leisure facilities.



Qiddiya is a massive entertainment and leisure project under development in Saudi Arabia, located near Riyadh. Envisioned as a cultural, recreational and sports destination, Qiddiya aims to offer a diverse range of attractions, including theme parks, sports facilities and entertainment venues.



A national real estate developer powered by the Public Investment Fund. ROSHN provides aspirational living, presenting a complete city experience in communities boasting unique designs and best-in-class facilities. ROSHN is committed to achieving the Vision 2030 goal of 70% home ownership in the Kingdom.


Diriyah Gate Project

The Diriyah project is a Saudi Arabian initiative focused on the restoration and development of the historic city of Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ambitious project aims to transform Diriyah into a cultural and tourism destination, preserving its historical significance while incorporating modern amenities and infrastructure.


Riyadh Metro

The Riyadh Metro is one of the largest urban transport projects in the world, with six lines covering an area of 176km and 85 metro stations across the city.

The project is expected to cost more than $23bn and upon completion, the network will be capable of carrying 400,000 passengers daily using driverless trains.


Makkah Public Transport Programme

The Makkah Public Transport Programme will include a four-line metro covering 180km, with 88 serving stations designed to transport the millions who visit the holy city. The metro is due to completed in six phases over 20 years, with the first phase operational by 2025. Apart from the metro, the programme will also include several integrated bus networks.


Al Widyan

This city withing a city is poised to become Riyadh city’s cosmopolitan district, covering an area of 7mn square metres. The mixed-use city will be split into 12 districts, anchored by a large Central Park formed around Al Widyan’s natural wadis. The US$2.7bn development will be largely walkable, and feature entertainment, leisure, retail and education facilities, as well as homes and offices.


Jabal Omar

This major Makkah development is one of the Kingdom's largest construction projects, covering an area of 40 hectares and costing $4.4bn. The project will consist of a mix of towering hotels and residential buildings and will have the capacity to host up to 36,000 guests annually, increasing 100,000+ during Hajj season.


SEDRA Community Home

SEDRA community is designed to include basic elements that enhance communication and interaction between residents and encourage a healthy lifestyle with a variety of essential facilities such as hospitals, medical centers, schools, mosques, daily shopping places, and distinct secondary facilities


Al Faisaliah Economic City

Al Faisaliah Economic City is set to be a pioneering example of an eco-friendly city.

With an expected completion date of 2050, this sprawling city that covers 2,450 square kilometres is valued at US$10 billion.


Saudi Arabia unveils ambitious plan for 59 cutting-edge logistics centers

Saudi Arabia has recently revealed an ambitious master plan aimed at developing 59 advanced logistics centers throughout the Kingdom. This strategic initiative is a crucial component of the broader National Transport and Logistics Strategy, as Saudi Arabia sets its sights on becoming a prominent global logistics hub.


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